Fan Appreciation Update

June is almost over!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! LOL I’m so exited!! I hope to keep coming up with new fun ideas for our next contest!! I have a special one in mind for the end of the year!!! Cant wait to share more info!! Thank you guys so much for being awesome!! If you have any suggestions please always feel free to let me know!! So theres 3 days left!! I’ll be shooting Custom Videos this weekend hint hint!! So here are your Top 5 in NO PARTICULAR ORDER







Custom Videos



Ever feel bummed out or frustrated because you can’t find exactly what you want? Maybe theres a certain thing you like so see? Like extreme closeups, or do you like certain things like stocking with garter belts? Or maybe really really naughty talking? Have you ever been interested in a custom video? I want to know whats holding you back? Prices? I’ve set my prices to be more that affordable if you check them out!! Besides that the quality of the videos is top notch. You can feel safe knowing that your going to get the best product for your money. So have a little fun and order yourself a special little video. I promise you won’t regret it and I’ll have you thinking “Why the hell haven’t I done this sooner?” Besides that, you’ll get rewarded for your purchase with something special as a thank you!! Let me hear your ideas and help you bring your fantasy to life!! I’ll be shooting Solo Customs at a new location this month so don’t miss out!!










Today was a hard day. I didn’t want to believe what I read. It brought me to tears as I though about their family and friends. I don’t know what I can do but I want to help in anyway I can, but how can I? I don’t consider myself a religious person but today made me want to go to church. I’ll admit I prayed today and promised myself to teach my children to always love unconditionally and hope that one day they will do the same with their children. With so much happening in this world it’s easy to feed into the hate and negativity but don’t do it. It’s sometimes better to turn your phone off. If the best way I can help is by preaching / teaching love then i’ll do it. I’m attaching the gofundme link so if you haven’t done so yet PLEASE DONATE!!!!! EVERY BIT HELPS.







A Day With GF Films



It’s so nice going to set knowing your day is going to be amazing!! Thats exactly how I feel every time I’m on a GF Films set. They’re always so professional and sweet! Dan always listens to our suggestions when we tell him who we want to work with or who we have amazing chemistry with. Of course you have your fucked up story lines here and there lol but like Dan says “ It’s GF Films baby, this is the shit we do.” but besides that you can’t deny the feel and overall approach of GF Films has, they are the innovators of Lesbian passion and seduction and that’s the best part, the foreplay and passion leading into the sex. Having sex is the cherry on top. It’s no secret that has been the root of their success. So thank you GF Films for being the best at what you do. Your fans appreciate the work!!!






PS I just picked up some amazing titles from GF Films that will be added to my store in the next few days!! Pics on my blog are for the next installment of Lesbian Psycho Dramas #MessedUp

1 Year Cam Anniversary



I can’t believe its been 1 Year since I decided to shift my focus from shooting to webcaming. I’m proud to say its been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my 5 Years in the Adult Biz. Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting and will continue to do so for the amazing companies that I love working for. I’ve always webcamed here and there but never really took it seriously until about June 2015. I wanted to make a change and find stability, 2015 was such an Epic year but I know that that wasn’t always going to be the case. With the way the biz you can never really perdict how work is going to be. So here’s what I’ve learned this past year caming full . ITS HARD WORK!!! You can’t compare working a couple of gigs a month to actually caming 25-30 hours a week. I know theres a lot of girls that cam even more than that. I have so much respect for cam models, their hard work and dedication. It’s not easy dealing with people who can be so nasty and mean and just want to talk shit. For me that was the biggest adjustment, besides the people who cosistantly demand shit like you owe them something. On the upside let me tell you the amazing things about caming. Being able to get to know your fans on a personal level. Caming is real and Raw. Sometimes its not glamorous but its real, you get to know the real me and you either love me or hate me. You can’t Fake what you see. I’ve been able to connect with you guys on a personal level and guess what I’ve leaned? How lucky I am to have you in my life and have such an amazing support system. You guys make me happy when I’m sad and make me remember to see that the glass is always half full never half empty. I hope that I’ve been able to be there for you guys the way you’re there for me and I’m speaking to you know who directly. This year has been such an emotional journey, I feel so emotional because of how joyful I am. Thank you a million times from here to infinity, love always your friend.






PS My 1 year Cam Anniversary with will be last week of August ;D I can’t wait for the BIG PARTY!!!

June Fan Appreciation Contest



Hey Guys!!!! I’m so excited to be doing another Fan Appreciation Contest!!! The first one was such a HUGE success I had to do it again!! The best part of doing the contest is getting you directly involved and most importantly having fun along the way!! It also gives me the opportunity to keep pushing myself creatively, the sky is the limit when you have KICK ASS FANS!! #TEAMVCRUZ as you already know I started #FanAppreciation because it’s important to me to show you guys my appreciation for your support. In this day in age we live in a time where people think “Porn Is Free”. Which you all know directly hurts the Models and Companies that work hard to create content that fans love. So my Method is simple! Show your support and I will do the same in return. Having my site has been the biggest blessing in my career besides having amazing Fans!! So lets KICK ASS IN JUNE!! Hope you guys like my idea for the month of June and please feel free to comment and discuss ideas on this post like always I’m all ears!!!


Top Spender 1st Place of for the Month of June will be Directing my Next GG Scene!!! From choosing the girl you want me to work with to writing the Scenario / Script. I’ll be printing the script and Personally signing it along with my co partner. You’ll also be receiving 5 Polaroid Picture of the big day. On top of that choose whatever 3 DVDs you’ll like to receive!!!


Second Top Spender of Will be Directing my Next Solo Video / Photoset!! Get creative!! it doesn’t have to be something basic and it can even be Anal… Yes I said it Anal or anything your little heart desires!! You’ll also be receiving 4 Polaroid pictures of the day. You will also be receiving your choice of any 2 DVDs.


Third Place will be Directing my next Fan Appreciation Video!! I love shooting my Fan Appreciation videos it’s something that is special between me and my fans!! You’ll also be receiving 3 Polaroid pictures of the day!! Also choose any Magazine and Dvd from my site!!





My Weekend With Raven Rocket



Holly Crap!!!! What a Freaking Epic Weekend!!! This weekend was full of laughs and good times surrounded and supported by great people!! Hands down the best GG Cam show to date!! Everything was just so epic!! Talk about good vibes! The energy was just right!! To everyone that came out thank you!! The highlight of Saturday was hearing Raven sing. Talk about one talented girl!! UGHHHHHH SOOOOOO FUCKEN HOT!!! lol Sunday was just as amazing!! Glad to be seeing her again Monday!! Can’t wait to announce the Top 3 MVP’s tomorrow via Twitter!!





April Fan Appreciation


Can’t believe April is almost over!!! Still pissed that I was out a whole week lol!! Thank you guys sooooo much for showing me love on my site!! My site is my baby!! Fan Appreciation Month is another way for me to express my appreciation to my fans!! Thank you for being loyal and showing your support!! Kick ass fans still #P4YP


Listed below are my Top 10 MVP in alphabetical order






















Thank you everyone that visited my site and purchased something for the month of April!! If you purchased anything above $10 you’ll be receiving a free #FanAppreciation Video. This will be an exclusive solo video that won’t ever be available to purchase on my site as a thank you for still paying for your Porn!! Good Girls and Boys still get rewarded 🙂 As an additional BONUS, because it is #FanAppreciation Month, my TOP 3 Spenders on will be Crowned MVP’s for the Month of April and will receive extra Spoils!! 30-10m Customs / SkypeShows and a Special Care Package Including my Elegant Angel Lesbian Performers of the Year DVD signed by me and Raven Rocket, an 8 x 10 and their choice of Magazine plus some Custom XXXSnaps!! (details in my last blog) We still have a week left and I have a sale on Custom Videos coming out so who will be my TOP 3 MVP’s???