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Ever feel bummed out or frustrated because you can’t find exactly what you want? Maybe theres a certain thing you like so see? Like extreme closeups, or do you like certain things like stocking with garter belts? Or maybe really really naughty talking? Have you ever been interested in a custom video? I want to know whats holding you back? Prices? I’ve set my prices to be more that affordable if you check them out!! Besides that the quality of the videos is top notch. You can feel safe knowing that your going to get the best product for your money. So have a little fun and order yourself a special little video. I promise you won’t regret it and I’ll have you thinking “Why the hell haven’t I done this sooner?” Besides that, you’ll get rewarded for your purchase with something special as a thank you!! Let me hear your ideas and help you bring your fantasy to life!! I’ll be shooting Solo Customs at a new location this month so don’t miss out!!







by Vanessa Veracruz

2 thoughts on “Custom Videos

  1. Chris says:

    After buying and loving both parts of The Ex’s (as well as your g/g anal scene and your fan appreciation videos) I’ve promised to treat myself to a custom video next time you and Jelena are doing them together 🙂

  2. Eddie says:

    Love your Blog Vanessa! I wanted to say that I love Skyping with you cause you take a sincere interest in your fans which amounts to an incredible experience. As for your customs, I have many. Each one is special and unique. Your aim is to please your fans, and you always surpass my expectations!! Thank you for being a great star and a great person !! Love, Eddie

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