Because you love to see them in between my cheeks I bring you POTMC or Panties Of The Month Club. I’m going to blog about my favorite 4 panties of the month. My undies can sometimes be sexy little thongs other goofy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Panties.
1. Most Favorite TMNT Undies – Why? Why fucking not!!!
2. Blue Silky Thong – Feel great against my lips
3. Cheeky Flowery Panties – They hug my cheeks just right. Worn in my scene with Jelena Jensen for my site coming soon! The Ex’s
4. My Black Undies with Little Red Roses – They make me feel so girly. I also wore these in a scene with Rayveness for GirlFriend Films.
So there you have it these are my favorite 4 of the month!




Your favorite Leztina!



Fan Appreciation



So I just recently started doing Fan Appreciation Videos!! It’s important to me that you guys know how much your support is appreciated!! The Industry has changed so much so having such kick ass fans that directly support my decisions is so amazing!! I’m planning on stepping up my game for the month of April so this is whats going to happen!!


The Top 3 spenders on VanessaVeracruz.com will be receiving special VIP Treatment for being Kick Ass!!


The Top Spender will receive a free 30m Custom Video or 30m Credit Skype + Fan Appreciation Video
2nd Place will receive a 20m Custom Video or 20m Credit Skype + Fan Appreciation Video
3rd Place will receive a 10m Custom Video or 10m Credit Skype + Fan Appreciation Video


Of course anyone that supports my site during the month of April and spends over $10 will receive my Exclusive Fan Appreciation Video that will not be seen anywhere else or sold on my site. This Exclusive Video is for my fans that go above and beyond to show me some love!! Thank you for spoiling me, now let me return the favor!!


I will be announcing the Winners at the end of the month and doing a special Twitter shout out & Fan Signs.




Your favorite Leztina!





OK where to start. I’ve said this since I started shooting for my site, producing your own content isn’t for everyone! It’s nice posting inspirational quotes but it’s a lot of hard work, time, effort, money and know how. Starting this project (LVLZ) I was scared & excited. I knew how much hard work & stressful nights lay ahead but knew it was going to be so worth it. The thing that scared me the most was disappointing the fans or the girls if something went wrong. The only reason I’m doing this is because people are going to have questions and after this blog they will have the answers. I’m not writing this to bash anyone but I think the fans deserve a real explanation of what happened & I only want to say this once.


Shyla was a close friend of mine for over 2 years and Friends with Shameless for over 7, and I know we are both hurt by the way this ended. She kept reiterating over and over that “this isn’t Personal it’s Business”, but when you question my character, ask me personally for business advice, have me read through other contracts, stay at my house, eat my food and sleep in my bed yeah I’d say it’s PRETTY FUCKING PERSONAL. Then you reiterate to all of the girls involved in LVLZ that your “Attorney” – “thinks we are getting scammed for the 30%” to keep your site up and running. Hello, reality check. LVLZ is a Business and as such needs operate as one. There is a minimum operating cost of any business (especially a start up) to keep it afloat and running. This is Business not Personal. LVLZ needs to make money, this machine wont run itself.


Unfortunately there aren’t any Square Space’s out there for Adult Sites. Sites aren’t cheap to build or run. Thats why the percentage payouts are usually 60/40 or 50/50. There are other options out there for performers, start a clip store and get 60% with out a lot of the options LVLZ is offering. I think there’s even one now that offers 75% which is awesome! That being said, it builds their brand though and you are just another face on a page. Better yet, there are other options available for BOSSBABES. You can do what I did and build your own site. I’m not talking about a free hosted site that you’ve figured out a way to process with. I’m talking about a stable platform with processing that will be around until you decide to turn it off. You’re probably talking close to $8,000. to set up and another $500. monthly to keep someone on to help with updates. That all being said, its not easy, it takes a lot of blood, sweat & tears. That is why LVLZ takes 30%, to deal with all the crap you don’t want to. YES you do have to shoot your own content, YES you do have to upload it, but with that comes your additional %. If you want someone to do it all for you and you just want to show up then go with a 50/50 deal. There’s nothing wrong with those. There are some awesome companies out there doing that, but that’s not what we offer. LVLZ offers a higher payout and as we have said since the beginning – “LVLZ gives girls the ability to take control of their websites, be their own bosses and take the leap from ‘performer’ to ‘brand’.” It comes at a cost though. Ultimately you get out what you put in.


Here’s some quick numbers, so lets say you make $5000 in sales on your site.


@ 60/40 you make $2000
@ 50/50 you make $2500
@ 70/30 you make $3500


Sooooo is an additional $1000 – $1500 worth it? To own your own brand, content & URL? IDK for me it is.


Below is the initial LVLZ offer to Shyla, Bree, Kenna & Karlie


– 70/30 % split due to your early participation in the project and efforts in the crowdfunding process
– 90 Day Contract (site has to be live 90 days after closing to deliver content & for chargebacks)
– Personal Logo Creation (they would own)
– Marketing Assets & Water Marks (they would own)
– Motion Graphics Bumper for Videos (they would own)
– Help Marketing
– Help with Creating Original Content for site (they would own)
– References for Editors
– Tech team to help with questions
– I (Vanessa) would only be charged processing & operational costs for my site with LVLZ.
(That was from day 1 when it was just Shyla involved)


Below are the Points that Shyla, Bree & Kenna Wanted as of Feb 19, 2016


– To “make all of our money” from the site (What does all our money mean? 100%? Couldn’t & Wouldn’t happen as we would be paying out of pocket for their sites monthly, remember its Business not Personal)
**remember the $ raised was for their sites to be built, and the additional items above. Each site has a monthly cost depending on clips uploaded, sold, downloaded & chargebacks. Say a site is up for 3 years and the girls average expenses are $500- each month, that would be $18,000- in expenses.
– “Each person is asking for 15% stake in business” with ownership transferable (so technically that would be 75% of LVLZ, that could be bought, sold, traded ect.)
– Didn’t want to sign a contract (couldn’t & wouldn’t happen)


From the beginning, we reached out to the girls so many times through e-mail, Text, Skype, Phone Calls & group DMS on Twitter and encouraged them to have a friend or their attorney go over the deal memo (our open form contract as we were trying to address any questions and issues before it went to the lawyer to save time and money) and eventually after no responses for over 2 months, the contract before signing it. Everything remained the same since day 1, the girls were offered a 70/30 Percentage split on their stand alone sites that would be powered through LVLZ, we would create their Logos, Watermarks and Motion Graphics. We worked as a team for one common goal, to launch their sites with no money out of their pockets. We did this as a group so no one would be singled out if they did not raise an equal amount of money or pull their weight (not all of the girls have strong social media followings). On the week of Feb 16 we reached out to the girls yet again since no one had signed the contract. We messaged them individually and asked them to start writing down any questions they had so we can go over each one. Nothing. Crickets.


On Feb 16 I was told that the girls had started a private group chat (Yes I’ve seen the group Chat & have the screen caps). They all agreed that they were no longer happy with the percentage they agreed to 70/30. We also received an email Feb 19th from one of the girls that night (representing everyone including myself) stating that “Each person is asking for 15% stake in business” Lets be clear here OWNERSHIP was NEVER an option. The URL alone is worth 3 times more than what we crowd funded and what did they do to warrant this percentage? Did they want to move to LA & take an active role in the company? Were they helping us broaden our revenue and making additional deals to help the platform? Or did they become super coders overnight and were taking over the development of LVLZ platform? So needless to say this was very out of left field. I mean they couldn’t even respond to our messages or take the time to get on a group Skype but now they want to collectively tell US how to run the business since as stated in the email ownership would be transferable (could be sold and ultimately have creative control over LVLZ)


Another issue was me earning 100% of my site (minus operating costs, processing ect.) The reason why I don’t have a split is I already have an official site which I payed for out of pocket. I personally payed for my Logos, Watermarks, Motion Graphics, Video Edits, Merchant account ect. I didn’t raise money to get my personal site up, I did it to help raise money for the LVLZ platform. I don’t owe anyone an explanation for the deals I have in place. I already had a successful site, so why would I leave it to use a platform that is paying me 70%? Especially when LVLZ (Shameless & myself) did the majority of the work. Those rewards didn’t print, sign, mail, dropbox, email, edit, upload themselves lol. Who do you think bought all the DVD’s & wrote out the shipping? None of the girls besides Karlie actually helped me.


The Girls also had problems with the contract, they wanted a site with no contract. Sorry but that can’t happen. Even webcam platforms have contracts. We need your 2257 info, banking, address for payment, social security for taxes. Sorry we can just trust that everything is fine and you will be available when we need you, especially after the track record. This wasn’t an exclusive contract or hindered them from exploiting their content however they wanted to, after all it is their content. LVLZ is just the distribution platform.


There are so many things that none of the girls thought about and just took for granted. Soooo many things behind the scenes going on that they have no idea. Do the girls want their personal phone numbers out there? Because you need one attached to your account if you are processing with Visa for customer service, so theres an additional line ($1200 a year) plus $1100 to get your account up and running. Thats $2300 right there. Do they know that if your being batch processed and that customer was red flagged for some reason in the past your transaction wont go through? You just lost your customer. Why the “Typical Processing Companies” aren’t the best options for Small businesses with no chargebacks. Not to mention finding a graphics designer, coder front end and back (not the same person) and webmaster they can trust. PCI compliance, SSL Certificates, Hosting, I mean the list goes on and on. There are so many ways to get your account shut down. This is the tip of the iceberg. There is so much to know. So frustrating.


I know that none of us planned for any of this to happen. I want you guys to know that they decided to walk away from LVLZ. I wish things could had been handled differently and they would had just communicated with us. We were always there to listen and help in Business and Personal matters.


What does the future hold for LVLZ? Karlie Montana and I will still be launching our sites though the LVLZ platform along with a few new LVLZ girls for the initial launch (stay tuned). Thank you everyone for your support, I’ll continue to work hard for what I believe in. We wish the girls the best of luck in their future endeavors.


PS 5k was returned back to the secret fan since no group scene was filmed but we are shooting a GG fight scene ;D



To My Beautiful Sister



Words can’t describe how much I love my BIG SISTER!! She’s been like my mother and my best friend. Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten was from her! We get so caught up with life sometimes that we forget to pick up the phone and tell your loved ones that you love them. My heart is full of joy and love right now. I’m so excited to meet this new member of our family!!!






Lets Talk Sex



I confess I’ve always considered myself Hyper Sexual and an Exhibitionist. I never in a million years though that one day I was going to become a Pornstar. But lets start from the beginning, its always interesting hearing peoples stories and their experiences going through puberty or dealing with their sexual urges. I come form a very traditional catholic family. Let me tell you how I learned about Sex… I didn’t. It was never talked about. The only two things my Mom engraved in me was that A) Men are perverts that would do anything to get in your pants and B) That sex was a “bad” act. Till this day for some strange reason after I orgasm theres some type of guilt that I feel soon after the OOOOOOOO Great release. How fucked up is that? From all those years of misguided information. I can’t blame my mom though, she honestly thought she was doing the best thing and just told me what had been passed down from her Mom and so on and so on.


It wasn’t until after Porn that I became 100% comfortable and confident in my sexuality. I was mocked by my sisters for openly admitting to liking women. My older sister is 10 Years older than me and we have had recent conversations where she admits to feeling guilty for having sexual feelings. Like I said, this isn’t only in “Mexican Families” I’ve heard it time and time again. I just think it hilarious that we live in a society that glorifies sex in Soap Operas, Movies, Video games, Music Videos ect But we can’t discuss it with our kids and educate them about sexual changes and urges being natural. The best thing we can do is break the chain and teach the next generation that Sex for Consenting Adults is nothing to be ashamed of, be it Straight, Bisexual or Gay.


Sex is a beautiful thing!! Begin by loving yourself first!! There’s health benefits to living a sexually active life!! I added the LINK I found on Twitter last time!! Please touch yourself more often ladies!! Men, I know you have no issue with this LMFAO!



Cum With Me


Sorry Boys this one is for the ladies! Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it though!! I’m supper excited to be shooting a Cum with Me video dedicated to my girls!! It donned on me last time that you can shoot a JOI for a man which I have done but I’ve never shoot anything “instuctional” for my girls! I have a sick idea of how I want to shoot this!! I want to talk to you and walk through the things I want you to do to yourself and I want to tell you all the dirty little things I want you to do to me and all the things that turn me on. I want you to Cum with Me. I’ll be continuing to shoot these kind of videos for my female fans!! And REMEMBER you heard about it here first!! Staying original baby 🙂 #BossBabe






Wow!!!! These past 9 days have been so crazy!!! But so wonderful!! First and foremost most I want to Thank XBIZ for naming me 2016 Girl Girl Performer of the Year!! I was honestly shocked! You work so hard but never know what’s going to happen!! Besides that narrowing it down to only one performer must be difficult. I feel so honored! Thank you XBIZ! I know my fans are so happy so thank you for the recognition!! I will continue to work hard and stay on top off my game #BossBabe Status and to continue to make you guys proud!


Second, signing at AEE was so amazing! Thank you to everyone that came out. I got to talk with a few of you and I was really touched by your sweet encouraging words. From those that talked about being GG Porn Fanatics to those who talked about LVLZ, thank you everyone! I signed next to Bree Daniels my first two days at the FreeWebcams Booth. It was awesome hanging out with her and getting to know her more!! We bonded over a few drinks lol. I also signed with Shyla at the Girlsway Booth. It was our first time signing together. Needless to say we had a lot of fun. I get more and more impressed with her everytime I see her! Her excitment with LVLZ is so contagous!! Thank you Freewebcams and Girlsway for having us sign your very first year having a booth!!


Finally, I did not walk away with an AVN award but if it had to be anyone I’m glad my BFF Shyla took it!! I’m so proud that we both won GG Performers of the Year and that we are both Girl Girl only performers! I think it’s bad ass!! So heres to an amazing start of the year!! 2016 better watch out!!!!








Hey Loves!!! This is my first time doing this!! I’m having a DVD Blowout sale! Everything Must Go lol All DVD’s have been reduced to almost 30% off. I’m selling all my DVD’s cheaper than most online store plus they will be personaly signed by yours truly with what ever little message you want me to include!! If you’re really looking to expand your Collection I also have a DVD 4 Pack for $80, Basically buy 3 get 1 FREE!! I’ll be sending out a special surprise with each order!! Your going to have to be patient and see what it is he he 🙂 I love spoiling you guys when you spoil me!! I’ll be at AVN / AEE Jan 22nd and 23rd so if your going you can get your DVD’s signed in person at AEE and get a photo.





Update – Last Day Of Our Support Campaign



Can’t believe it’s Jan 3rd!!! Its been officially 31 days since we launched our Support Campaign for LVLZ.com and I’m blown away. I stayed up last night triple checking all the donations, organizing emails and making sure I didn’t miss a thing. I promised you guys that if we did this that I was going to work my hardest to make sure not to let you guys down. I gave you my word I’d put my heart in soul into this. I’m excited for the future and excited to expand!!! I want to thank the girls Shyla, Kenna, Bree & Karlie for rocking this and working together as a team to achieve something so important. I’m so excited for you guys and to get your sites up and running!! Hope your ready for this because it coming FAST!!


So now for the Big Announcement. We have someone that respectfully wishes to remain anonymous that has declared “IM YOUR FUCKING HERO!!!!” Thats right!! Someone generously donated 10k to LVLZ.com. So that means we are shooting an Orgy scene with all the LVLZ girls!!! You know who you are and we all thank you so much from the bottom of our heart!!


Looking back yesterday at all the donations I noticed a few things.


1 – All the sweet / encouraging words directed towards all the girls made me smile so much. Seeing how much all of the fans really care.


2 – So much of our main support came from a core group of fans (you know who you are) that did multiple donations from the beginning to the end. I think you know how much we really appreciate you.


3 –  We had people from all over the world supporting us. People from  US, Paris, Italy, Germany, Australia, Mexico, India, China, Puerto Rico… The list goes on and on!! All coming together to help us!!! Wow, mind blown!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! FROM HERE TO THE MOON THANK YOU!!! Thank you for directly proving that real fans still Pay For Porn!! Thank you for being a part of this journey and a part of LVLZ.


The Total Support Amount for LVLZ – $21,620
You made this possible!!! Now its time to take it to the next LVLZ.


PS A BIG THANK YOU to those who not only donated but also contributed their time by making banners, gifs, graphics and videos. Thank you so much for making our Campaign amazing and going above and beyond. You kept the fire burning. Please feel free to comment below.



It’s Official 2016 is #YEAROFTHEBOSSBABE



So we officially have 7 days to meet our Minimum Goal of 10K!!! Of course the more we raise the better!! Just a little review/break down of what this will go towards so you guys will have a better understanding!! The money will go towards building 5 stand alone sites [Most expensive part] and LVLZ.com which will power all sites, Logos/Watermarks/Motion Graphics for all the girls, Billing for the sites, Hosting etc. The more we raise the faster we can get all 5 sites up and running.


So I’m happy to announce that we have Currently Raised $9,900 in 24 days!! YAYYYYYYYYY lol. Thank you guys so much!!! This just proves what we already know!! That We have amazing kick ass fans that have our backs!!! I personally want to thank all the LVLZ girls!! I know how stressful doing something like this can be. Not everyone would be up for the challenge of getting behind a project you have to raise funds for. Being a part of something new can be scary but damn it’s so fuckin rewarding (excuse the language) Thank you for helping us make a difference in this Industry we love. You might not yet realize how big of an impact you’ve made. All four of you are so Amazing and Kick ass and have a heart OF FUCKING GOLD!!!! It’s no surprise your fans are so passionate about you!! Thank you for believing in this project!! I can’t wait for 2016!! Lets keep inspiring each other to grown, learn and successed.


So we are $100 away from our Minimum!! Pow!!! To the non belivers!!! True Fans #P4YP thank you for helping us Achieve #YEAROFTHEBOSSBABE So much more in Stored for you guys!! This is just the begining!!! #LVLZ




Your Original 5 LVLZ Girls


Vanessa Veracruz


Shyla Jennings


Kenna James


Bree Daniels


Karlie Montana