June Fan Appreciation Contest



Hey Guys!!!! I’m so excited to be doing another Fan Appreciation Contest!!! The first one was such a HUGE success I had to do it again!! The best part of doing the contest is getting you directly involved and most importantly having fun along the way!! It also gives me the opportunity to keep pushing myself creatively, the sky is the limit when you have KICK ASS FANS!! #TEAMVCRUZ as you already know I started #FanAppreciation because it’s important to me to show you guys my appreciation for your support. In this day in age we live in a time where people think “Porn Is Free”. Which you all know directly hurts the Models and Companies that work hard to create content that fans love. So my Method is simple! Show your support and I will do the same in return. Having my site has been the biggest blessing in my career besides having amazing Fans!! So lets KICK ASS IN JUNE!! Hope you guys like my idea for the month of June and please feel free to comment and discuss ideas on this post like always I’m all ears!!!


Top Spender 1st Place of VanessaVeracruz.com for the Month of June will be Directing my Next GG Scene!!! From choosing the girl you want me to work with to writing the Scenario / Script. I’ll be printing the script and Personally signing it along with my co partner. You’ll also be receiving 5 Polaroid Picture of the big day. On top of that choose whatever 3 DVDs you’ll like to receive!!!


Second Top Spender of VanessaVeracruz.com Will be Directing my Next Solo Video / Photoset!! Get creative!! it doesn’t have to be something basic and it can even be Anal… Yes I said it Anal or anything your little heart desires!! You’ll also be receiving 4 Polaroid pictures of the day. You will also be receiving your choice of any 2 DVDs.


Third Place will be Directing my next Fan Appreciation Video!! I love shooting my Fan Appreciation videos it’s something that is special between me and my fans!! You’ll also be receiving 3 Polaroid pictures of the day!! Also choose any Magazine and Dvd from my site!!





Fan Appreciation



So I just recently started doing Fan Appreciation Videos!! It’s important to me that you guys know how much your support is appreciated!! The Industry has changed so much so having such kick ass fans that directly support my decisions is so amazing!! I’m planning on stepping up my game for the month of April so this is whats going to happen!!


The Top 3 spenders on VanessaVeracruz.com will be receiving special VIP Treatment for being Kick Ass!!


The Top Spender will receive a free 30m Custom Video or 30m Credit Skype + Fan Appreciation Video
2nd Place will receive a 20m Custom Video or 20m Credit Skype + Fan Appreciation Video
3rd Place will receive a 10m Custom Video or 10m Credit Skype + Fan Appreciation Video


Of course anyone that supports my site during the month of April and spends over $10 will receive my Exclusive Fan Appreciation Video that will not be seen anywhere else or sold on my site. This Exclusive Video is for my fans that go above and beyond to show me some love!! Thank you for spoiling me, now let me return the favor!!


I will be announcing the Winners at the end of the month and doing a special Twitter shout out & Fan Signs.




Your favorite Leztina!






Wow!!!! These past 9 days have been so crazy!!! But so wonderful!! First and foremost most I want to Thank XBIZ for naming me 2016 Girl Girl Performer of the Year!! I was honestly shocked! You work so hard but never know what’s going to happen!! Besides that narrowing it down to only one performer must be difficult. I feel so honored! Thank you XBIZ! I know my fans are so happy so thank you for the recognition!! I will continue to work hard and stay on top off my game #BossBabe Status and to continue to make you guys proud!


Second, signing at AEE was so amazing! Thank you to everyone that came out. I got to talk with a few of you and I was really touched by your sweet encouraging words. From those that talked about being GG Porn Fanatics to those who talked about LVLZ, thank you everyone! I signed next to Bree Daniels my first two days at the FreeWebcams Booth. It was awesome hanging out with her and getting to know her more!! We bonded over a few drinks lol. I also signed with Shyla at the Girlsway Booth. It was our first time signing together. Needless to say we had a lot of fun. I get more and more impressed with her everytime I see her! Her excitment with LVLZ is so contagous!! Thank you Freewebcams and Girlsway for having us sign your very first year having a booth!!


Finally, I did not walk away with an AVN award but if it had to be anyone I’m glad my BFF Shyla took it!! I’m so proud that we both won GG Performers of the Year and that we are both Girl Girl only performers! I think it’s bad ass!! So heres to an amazing start of the year!! 2016 better watch out!!!!





Update – Last Day Of Our Support Campaign



Can’t believe it’s Jan 3rd!!! Its been officially 31 days since we launched our Support Campaign for LVLZ.com and I’m blown away. I stayed up last night triple checking all the donations, organizing emails and making sure I didn’t miss a thing. I promised you guys that if we did this that I was going to work my hardest to make sure not to let you guys down. I gave you my word I’d put my heart in soul into this. I’m excited for the future and excited to expand!!! I want to thank the girls Shyla, Kenna, Bree & Karlie for rocking this and working together as a team to achieve something so important. I’m so excited for you guys and to get your sites up and running!! Hope your ready for this because it coming FAST!!


So now for the Big Announcement. We have someone that respectfully wishes to remain anonymous that has declared “IM YOUR FUCKING HERO!!!!” Thats right!! Someone generously donated 10k to LVLZ.com. So that means we are shooting an Orgy scene with all the LVLZ girls!!! You know who you are and we all thank you so much from the bottom of our heart!!


Looking back yesterday at all the donations I noticed a few things.


1 – All the sweet / encouraging words directed towards all the girls made me smile so much. Seeing how much all of the fans really care.


2 – So much of our main support came from a core group of fans (you know who you are) that did multiple donations from the beginning to the end. I think you know how much we really appreciate you.


3 –  We had people from all over the world supporting us. People from  US, Paris, Italy, Germany, Australia, Mexico, India, China, Puerto Rico… The list goes on and on!! All coming together to help us!!! Wow, mind blown!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! FROM HERE TO THE MOON THANK YOU!!! Thank you for directly proving that real fans still Pay For Porn!! Thank you for being a part of this journey and a part of LVLZ.


The Total Support Amount for LVLZ – $21,620
You made this possible!!! Now its time to take it to the next LVLZ.


PS A BIG THANK YOU to those who not only donated but also contributed their time by making banners, gifs, graphics and videos. Thank you so much for making our Campaign amazing and going above and beyond. You kept the fire burning. Please feel free to comment below.