1 Year Cam Anniversary



I can’t believe its been 1 Year since I decided to shift my focus from shooting to webcaming. I’m proud to say its been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my 5 Years in the Adult Biz. Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting and will continue to do so for the amazing companies that I love working for. I’ve always webcamed here and there but never really took it seriously until about June 2015. I wanted to make a change and find stability, 2015 was such an Epic year but I know that that wasn’t always going to be the case. With the way the biz you can never really perdict how work is going to be. So here’s what I’ve learned this past year caming full . ITS HARD WORK!!! You can’t compare working a couple of gigs a month to actually caming 25-30 hours a week. I know theres a lot of girls that cam even more than that. I have so much respect for cam models, their hard work and dedication. It’s not easy dealing with people who can be so nasty and mean and just want to talk shit. For me that was the biggest adjustment, besides the people who cosistantly demand shit like you owe them something. On the upside let me tell you the amazing things about caming. Being able to get to know your fans on a personal level. Caming is real and Raw. Sometimes its not glamorous but its real, you get to know the real me and you either love me or hate me. You can’t Fake what you see. I’ve been able to connect with you guys on a personal level and guess what I’ve leaned? How lucky I am to have you in my life and have such an amazing support system. You guys make me happy when I’m sad and make me remember to see that the glass is always half full never half empty. I hope that I’ve been able to be there for you guys the way you’re there for me and I’m speaking to you know who directly. This year has been such an emotional journey, I feel so emotional because of how joyful I am. Thank you a million times from here to infinity, love always your friend.






PS My 1 year Cam Anniversary with FreeWebcams.com will be last week of August ;D I can’t wait for the BIG PARTY!!!