My Weekend With Raven Rocket



Holly Crap!!!! What a Freaking Epic Weekend!!! This weekend was full of laughs and good times surrounded and supported by great people!! Hands down the best GG Cam show to date!! Everything was just so epic!! Talk about good vibes! The energy was just right!! To everyone that came out thank you!! The highlight of Saturday was hearing Raven sing. Talk about one talented girl!! UGHHHHHH SOOOOOO FUCKEN HOT!!! lol Sunday was just as amazing!! Glad to be seeing her again Monday!! Can’t wait to announce the Top 3 MVP’s tomorrow via Twitter!!





Customs With Serena Blair

Been having so much fun shooting for my site with Serena. Expect to see some really fun stuff and some clips #TEAMVCRUZ wouldn’t exactly expect to see me doing. It’s been fun shooting some bondage stuff with someone I really trust. Can’t wait for you to see it. Were shooting some kinky Custom Videos too so if you’re a twisted little one (I think we all have our little fetishes) check it out.