A Day With GF Films



It’s so nice going to set knowing your day is going to be amazing!! Thats exactly how I feel every time I’m on a GF Films set. They’re always so professional and sweet! Dan always listens to our suggestions when we tell him who we want to work with or who we have amazing chemistry with. Of course you have your fucked up story lines here and there lol but like Dan says “ It’s GF Films baby, this is the shit we do.” but besides that you can’t deny the feel and overall approach of GF Films has, they are the innovators of Lesbian passion and seduction and that’s the best part, the foreplay and passion leading into the sex. Having sex is the cherry on top. It’s no secret that has been the root of their success. So thank you GF Films for being the best at what you do. Your fans appreciate the work!!!






PS I just picked up some amazing titles from GF Films that will be added to my store in the next few days!! Pics on my blog are for the next installment of Lesbian Psycho Dramas #MessedUp

My Weekend With Raven Rocket



Holly Crap!!!! What a Freaking Epic Weekend!!! This weekend was full of laughs and good times surrounded and supported by great people!! Hands down the best GG Cam show to date!! Everything was just so epic!! Talk about good vibes! The energy was just right!! To everyone that came out thank you!! The highlight of Saturday was hearing Raven sing. Talk about one talented girl!! UGHHHHHH SOOOOOO FUCKEN HOT!!! lol Sunday was just as amazing!! Glad to be seeing her again Monday!! Can’t wait to announce the Top 3 MVP’s tomorrow via Twitter!!






I feel nervous and excited at the same time! So nervous that sometimes I doubt myself, but then how do you know if you’ll succed unless you try! I say fuck it! Put fear aside. I’m willing to work 5x as hard just to make this happen because I believe in it! I’m a do’er, always have been. I’m ready for the next step in my career, are you?
I know what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for all my amazing fans that have turned into friends. I’m thankful for having you guys believing in me every step of the way! So what is #YearOfTheBossBabe? It’s about bringing it to the Next LVL. Year of the boss babe is the girl thats ready to work harder and smarter, it’s that business minded girl. It’s the girl thats ready to fucken BRING IT!! I’m ready and their ready to step it up & shake things up!!!
P.S. Expect a Countdown Soon
Your Leztina!

Becoming A Webcam Model

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I bought this planner when I was on my way back home from New Zealand this Year. It’s crazy looking through past months and can I say WTF?!* Can’t believe its October!!! As I started looking back through my months this year its’ been officially 4 months since I’ve started camming part time. I hate saying part time because I’m averaging 20-25 hours of camming each week. I called my sister up and told her I had a part time job and told her how hard it’s been camming 25 hours a week… she then continued to tell and I quote “Oh really sister poor you, try working over 40 hours Bitch and see how it feels” I thought I probably sounded like a complete jack ass lol. But truth be told going through the transition of Performer to Cam Model has had it’s challenges. I’m not going to lie and say that its been peaches and cream. There’s been days that I’ve broke down crying & screaming no body likes me, I suck!! (My old MFC Days) lol. I decided to make webcamming my priority back in June when I got tired of the ups and down of Porn. Work always slows down during the Summer but besides that we all know Girl Girl bookings aren’t being thrown out like Hot Cakes. I started doing my research on camming and then became partially angry after I found out how well some of the Top Webcam Models were doing. I remember telling myself!!!! Fuck that! If they can do it I can do it!!! So back in June I started webcamming part time on Stremate. Since the beginning of my career I occasionally cammed on Streamate. I could log on and make X amount of money. I could usually only handle like 3 hours top since it’s so hardcore (a lot of pussy play & toys). I remember making the move to MFC was just scary. WTF ARE TOKENS??? TELL ME MONEY!!! WHY ARE U MAKING ME DO MATH DAMNIT!! MFC was a struggle!!! They do have allot of traffic but they also have a lot of freeloaders. It was a good platform and I did learn a lot. I had a great friend that was very helpful!!! It’s so cool when people go out of their way to help you out!! You know who you are! Thanks for being awesomely sweet!! You encouraged me more than you know!!! So here I am 4 months in and camming on my favorite site so far!! Yes they have some issue like FreakyKinkyMarie that wants to give you a Free Fisting Anal Squirting Show All you have to do is Add her on Facebook. No Bullshit, No Drama Lol I’m laughing so hard right now!!! (Inside Joke TEAMVCRUZ) But most importantly, they take care of your girl!!!! You guys seem to love it too so it’s just a plus!!! Just so you guys know the sites been around for two years, they are always improving. The best thing that has come from camming is getting to know you guys!! I feel like I’ve gotten to know every single one of you!! And you know what? You guys are pretty cool!! I’m smiling so hard right now!! I really mean it!! There’s been days where I’ve felt like crap and you guys are just so sweet sometimes. It’s great having that kind of support system! You guys know that I always try to be there for you too!! Thanks for making it fun each day on cam!! The reason why I’ve grown to love camming so much is that it’s given me the opportunity to pick and choose who I want to work for!! I was always selective before but now it’s on a different level. I’m really excited about shooting my own content. I love creating videos that I know you guys will love!! I just hope that with time I can continue to impress you guys and have fun doing it!!! I really do see us as a community!!

P.S. Make sure to show your love tomorrow. I’ll be cammming with Serena Blair.

Customs With Serena Blair

Been having so much fun shooting for my site with Serena. Expect to see some really fun stuff and some clips #TEAMVCRUZ wouldn’t exactly expect to see me doing. It’s been fun shooting some bondage stuff with someone I really trust. Can’t wait for you to see it. Were shooting some kinky Custom Videos too so if you’re a twisted little one (I think we all have our little fetishes) check it out.