A Day With GF Films



It’s so nice going to set knowing your day is going to be amazing!! Thats exactly how I feel every time I’m on a GF Films set. They’re always so professional and sweet! Dan always listens to our suggestions when we tell him who we want to work with or who we have amazing chemistry with. Of course you have your fucked up story lines here and there lol but like Dan says “ It’s GF Films baby, this is the shit we do.” but besides that you can’t deny the feel and overall approach of GF Films has, they are the innovators of Lesbian passion and seduction and that’s the best part, the foreplay and passion leading into the sex. Having sex is the cherry on top. It’s no secret that has been the root of their success. So thank you GF Films for being the best at what you do. Your fans appreciate the work!!!






PS I just picked up some amazing titles from GF Films that will be added to my store in the next few days!! Pics on my blog are for the next installment of Lesbian Psycho Dramas #MessedUp



Because you love to see them in between my cheeks I bring you POTMC or Panties Of The Month Club. I’m going to blog about my favorite 4 panties of the month. My undies can sometimes be sexy little thongs other goofy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Panties.
1. Most Favorite TMNT Undies – Why? Why fucking not!!!
2. Blue Silky Thong – Feel great against my lips
3. Cheeky Flowery Panties – They hug my cheeks just right. Worn in my scene with Jelena Jensen for my site coming soon! The Ex’s
4. My Black Undies with Little Red Roses – They make me feel so girly. I also wore these in a scene with Rayveness for GirlFriend Films.
So there you have it these are my favorite 4 of the month!




Your favorite Leztina!