A Day With GF Films



It’s so nice going to set knowing your day is going to be amazing!! Thats exactly how I feel every time I’m on a GF Films set. They’re always so professional and sweet! Dan always listens to our suggestions when we tell him who we want to work with or who we have amazing chemistry with. Of course you have your fucked up story lines here and there lol but like Dan says “ It’s GF Films baby, this is the shit we do.” but besides that you can’t deny the feel and overall approach of GF Films has, they are the innovators of Lesbian passion and seduction and that’s the best part, the foreplay and passion leading into the sex. Having sex is the cherry on top. It’s no secret that has been the root of their success. So thank you GF Films for being the best at what you do. Your fans appreciate the work!!!






PS I just picked up some amazing titles from GF Films that will be added to my store in the next few days!! Pics on my blog are for the next installment of Lesbian Psycho Dramas #MessedUp

My Weekend With Raven Rocket



Holly Crap!!!! What a Freaking Epic Weekend!!! This weekend was full of laughs and good times surrounded and supported by great people!! Hands down the best GG Cam show to date!! Everything was just so epic!! Talk about good vibes! The energy was just right!! To everyone that came out thank you!! The highlight of Saturday was hearing Raven sing. Talk about one talented girl!! UGHHHHHH SOOOOOO FUCKEN HOT!!! lol Sunday was just as amazing!! Glad to be seeing her again Monday!! Can’t wait to announce the Top 3 MVP’s tomorrow via Twitter!!





Fan Appreciation



So I just recently started doing Fan Appreciation Videos!! It’s important to me that you guys know how much your support is appreciated!! The Industry has changed so much so having such kick ass fans that directly support my decisions is so amazing!! I’m planning on stepping up my game for the month of April so this is whats going to happen!!


The Top 3 spenders on VanessaVeracruz.com will be receiving special VIP Treatment for being Kick Ass!!


The Top Spender will receive a free 30m Custom Video or 30m Credit Skype + Fan Appreciation Video
2nd Place will receive a 20m Custom Video or 20m Credit Skype + Fan Appreciation Video
3rd Place will receive a 10m Custom Video or 10m Credit Skype + Fan Appreciation Video


Of course anyone that supports my site during the month of April and spends over $10 will receive my Exclusive Fan Appreciation Video that will not be seen anywhere else or sold on my site. This Exclusive Video is for my fans that go above and beyond to show me some love!! Thank you for spoiling me, now let me return the favor!!


I will be announcing the Winners at the end of the month and doing a special Twitter shout out & Fan Signs.




Your favorite Leztina!




I feel nervous and excited at the same time! So nervous that sometimes I doubt myself, but then how do you know if you’ll succed unless you try! I say fuck it! Put fear aside. I’m willing to work 5x as hard just to make this happen because I believe in it! I’m a do’er, always have been. I’m ready for the next step in my career, are you?
I know what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for all my amazing fans that have turned into friends. I’m thankful for having you guys believing in me every step of the way! So what is #YearOfTheBossBabe? It’s about bringing it to the Next LVL. Year of the boss babe is the girl thats ready to work harder and smarter, it’s that business minded girl. It’s the girl thats ready to fucken BRING IT!! I’m ready and their ready to step it up & shake things up!!!
P.S. Expect a Countdown Soon
Your Leztina!


One of the highlights of 2015 was spontaneously taking a last minute booking in New Zealand back in Feb! These are the moments I live for!!!!! I whole heartily believe that everything happens for a reason. Everything just feel into place, I was meant to go. I remember getting there and freaking out for about a day when I realized I would be without wifi for the next 18 days lol. But I accepted it and as soon as I did I was able to really enjoy how beauty it was. My favorite part of the trip was going on the road trips and driving on the open roads. I started reading The Power of Now (Funny thing is I always pick up that book and it just resonates with what I’m going through at that exact moment). Finally, I felt for the first time in a very long time that I was happy again, genuinely happy. I came to the conclusion that my happiness depends on ME 110% and there I was in one of the most beautiful places in the World feeling at peace with myself for the first time in a very long time. The other highlight of the trip was really getting to know SARA LUVV!! Let me tell you that girl can make me laugh for hours!!!! She one of porn’s best kept secrets. We were roommates for the majority of the trip and actually got to celebrate her 21st birthday in New Zealand which is pretty bad ass if you ask me!!! Do yourself a favor and check out the clip, I love the fact that I was able to bring something like this back to you!! It’s visually mesmerizing!!! And did I mention I masturbate on the top of A MATHAFUCKIN CLIFF IN NEW ZEALAND!!!!! lol Sara looks beautiful in this clip. Can’t wait to bring her back and do something fun with her!!! PS Sara Luvv‘s evil twin sister is name Sara Hate

New Zealand Adventures With Sara Luvv

XOXO Love you guys!




It’s curently 1:25 am and I’m still up. I have a big smile on my face and I couldn’t be happier… Tired but happy. If I could only begin to tell you the journey it’s been to get to this exact point! It’s crazy! You wouldn’t even believe me but I’m still smiling. 2015 has been such a roller coaster, I hate saying its been my best year because I lost two very important souls. I realize more than ever what life is all about. We can get so caught up and think that everything is suppose to be perfect. When it is, life can be SOOOOOOO amazing and when its not, life can EABOD (Yes thank u for teaching me that lol) Life is never picture perfect and I understand that now more than ever. We live for the great moments and store those memories into a special place in our hearts. It’s important to go through the tough and utterly heartbreaking moments because it’s life and we are human. All we can hope for is that those bad moments or days can each us a thing or two. Thank you for being a part of this journey. I hope I can be there for you guys the way you have been there for me. It’s been amazing getting to know you guys personally this year as more than just a screen name. If you know me one bit you’ll know I’m as real as it gets, just like I know you guys are too. We have our ups and downs and sometimes go ape shit for no apparent reason lol (Maybe thats just me). I hope you fell the same. Welcome to My Official Site. This Picture sums up everything I am lol if you can’t handle the sexiness turn away!! But seriously, Thank you for all you do.


Sincerely yours,